Our Mission

We want to help make cryptocurrencies accessible to everyone.

We’re here to help get you set up and make your first investments. The way we do that is by setting up sessions online, usually one-to-one, taking you through the basics.

You will be the one making the account and making all of your own decisions. We are not financial advisers.

We are just here to make you crypto-competent. All of your passwords, private keys (explained in our session) and account details are your own. We will never ask for any private account details.

You may be thinking, what do we get out of this? The way we see it, the more people who enter the space the greater it becomes.

Besides, if on the off-chance you become extremely wealthy from investing in cryptocurrencies, you may remember who helped you get started…

In all seriousness, we run affiliate links in some of our articles (at no cost to the reader) and blog posts, whilst also making money from our merch sales.

For now, there is a small charge for the one-to-one sessions. We hope to be able to change this as we scale.

Our Patreon membership includes one-to-ones, access to our portfolio and our trades as and when we execute them.

Finally, we do also accept donations to our wallet addresses, these you will see on the bottom of all our pages.

This is completely optional and always will be. If you want to buy us a cup of coffee or a pint, go ahead. If you don’t feel like it, don’t worry our content is completely free.

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Exclusive content that you won’t get anywhere else is just the price of a cup of coffee or a pint a month.