Lifetime Access to Research Pass (LARP) Info

Oct 2, 2023 | Community Guides


First of all, the blocmates team can’t quite believe the number of people who responded to the initial LARP quests, it caught us all by surprise… If you participated, thank you! We all appreciate it.

Over 1181 completed Quest for LARP 1, 835 completed Quest for LARP 2 and 613 Completed Quest for LARP 3…

This was a lot more than we first anticipated but the numbers are moving in the right direction. We have tried to make this as simple to follow yet, reward those who genuinely want a Lifetime Access to Research Pass and the benefits that come with it.

We aren’t looking for flippers here although we live in the real world and appreciate people can do whatever they please.

We have to whittle the numbers down even further due to the extremely limited mint of the LARP NFT.

So first and foremost: There will only be 420 LARP NFTs.

The team will not keep any allocation themselves other than the 1-of-1s that have been designed bespoke for them. We want an extremely high distribution of these NFTs so people can benefit from the research and from the perks of holding the pass.

So, now that you know there will only be 420 LARPs in existence, you can see why we have a little bit of an issue based on the participation of the Quest for LARP campaign.

We will continue forward with the Quest for LARP 4 which again will be soul-bound and non-transferable. This will require Quest Badge 3 in the same wallet to ensure the total number of participants, by default, is reduced.

The remaining spaces are 35 Allow List places and 225 Whitelist (WL) places, the difference being the allow list guarantees you a mint whilst the whitelist will be first come first served, although there should be enough WL spots for all those wanting to mint. The rest goes to public auction.

This is the only fair way we know how to properly allocate these spots to people. It will be based on attention and genuine interest in the blocmates ecosystem, much like Quest for LARP 3. This is a first come first served basis and won’t be released at the drop of a hat. If you are regularly paying attention to all of our content then you deserve a spot.

Quest 4 will be split into two parts… Once the Allow List Quest allocation fills up, we will release the whitelist quest. These are both first come first served. The official mint will be on Arbitrum.

The flow of where the quest will be released will trickle down from our body of content over the next week or so. Again, if you are regularly paying attention to the content you should be able to grab a spot. 

To ensure the community knows the price of each stage the breakdown for each tier is as follows: 

  • Allowlist 0.1 ETH
  • Whitelist 0.3 ETH
  • Public Auction starting at 0.5 ETH

We are expecting the initial monthly access to the new Research Section of the website: “The Meal Deal” to cost $50 a month, with an annual subscription costing around $500 per year. This will increase as new features roll out such as analytics, tooling, courses etc.

The Meal Deal subscriptions will not be subject to any additional perks as disclosed in the original LARP announcement article. They will be granted access to The Meal Deal section and the Discord channels and tools but Airdrops, Whitelists, Allowlists, Merch Drops, Beta Access, blocmates event access, Product Testing Allocations and much more will only be available to LARP holders.

So, finally, thanks for being patient but we had to ensure that everything was in order before making this announcement… we will also take this time to officially announce our new podcast “Still Early”.

Still Early is a podcast dedicated to uncovering the hottest emerging trends in crypto, before they happen. We will cover all areas of the crypto, DeFi, NFT and gaming markets to bring you the information before anyone else. 

In this podcast, we will interview founders, investors, builders and operators to get you their insights into where the industry is headed. 

Still Early is the first of many blocmates productions. Go give our channels a follow and put notifications on for further updates…  👀

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All the best,