JetFuel Finance – The Complete DeFi Ecosystem.

Jul 21, 2021 | Community Guides

Decentralised Finance (DeFi) is here to stay. The past 24 months or so have been the dawn of the future of finance and one of crypto’s most exciting times.

A huge portion of those invested in this space is still sat on the sidelines holding their coins in their wallets or even worse, on a centralised exchange (CEX).

I think a lot of folks are sceptical, unaware and a little bewildered at where to even start.

And I can’t blame them. Usually, each protocol is on a different DApp or a different chain or even a different project entirely, it’s messy.

There is some hope though. The project we are going to cover today is a complete DeFi ecosystem that provides its user with a one-stop-shop for all your favourite protocols including yield farming, auto-compounding, swapping, borrowing, lending and much more.

The project I am talking about is JetFuel Finance.

We have been investors and close followers of JetFuel Finance since the very beginning, the early days of BSC were quite something to behold.

We never knew when the next rug was coming and we never knew if a project was legit, but there were a few that shone through and have stayed the distance.

It was on the third episode of the BSC news podcasts when we heard Miro, the Jetfuel Flight Commander speak so enthusiastically, albeit sounding a little tired at the time, and understandably so.

The team had just embarked on releasing their first products of the JetFuel ecosystem, in one of the most exciting times in DeFi. Sleep? What’s that?

There are a number of episodes on JetFuel Finance Episodes on BSC news podcast.

So what is JetFuel Finance? – JETS and FUEL 

JetFuel launched on the Binance Smart Chain on December 6th 2020 and attracted our attention due to it being a fair launch project (which are few and far between these days).

The way we describe it to others is that it is a full DeFi ecosystem with every protocol you ever need, all in one place.

As mentioned above, FUEL (the first token launched on JetFuel Finance) was a fair launch token that users could mine by providing liquidity to the JetFuel yield farms. It is a breath of fresh air to see the founders not taking any pre-mined tokens, no presale or even no token allocation.

An additional added benefit of the FUEL token was each time the token is transacted via trading, staking or providing liquidity a 2% tax is deducted. 50% of this tax is then burnt, whilst the remaining 50% is sent to the staking pool known as the Hangar Reserve.

So here we have a deflationary, fair launched token with high utility.  What more do you want from a project?

Well… actually… there is another benefit of FUEL.

The team wanted to have to implement a way to passively reward all FUEL investors whilst also creating an increased demand for the token, which is great for buyer side pressure.

So they also released a token known as JETS. You can ONLY receive JETS when you stake FUEL.

What what is the added benefit here? Glad, you asked…

JETS is what you want to be holding (in my opinion) and for these reasons… As we mentioned JetFuel Finance is a complete DeFi ecosystem with multiple protocols that all have one thing in common, rewards from each trickle down to JETS holders.

What do JETS holders have to do? Absolutely nothing. It all flows back to JETS. 

The team are set to release governance voting for all JETS holders too in the not too distant future.

So, in short, the more FUEL you own, the more you can convert to JETS and the more rewards you get paid in FUEL. Impressive.

This could be one of the best passive income tokens in the whole game.

Oh, almost forgot… Once you have converted your FUEL to JETS, you can then stake your JETS to earn even more rewards in the form of WINGS (more on this below).

JetSwap – WINGS and pWINGS


Like all good DeFi projects a decent automated market maker (AMM) is paramount. Recently released, JetSwap is a beautifully designed DEX, that allows you to swap all your favourite BSC and Polygon tokens all in one place for a fee of 0.3% and 0.1% respectively.

On top of that users can provide liquidity in a few clicks and then enter one of the many high APY yield farms.

JetSwap hosts both ‘Farms’ and ‘Vaults’, the former being paid rewards in WINGS and doesn’t auto compound. For me personally, I am lazy and would opt for the vaults here as your LPs and even single-sided rewards are automatically reinvested.

Autocompounding is a seriously powerful tool and JetSwap are paying some extremely impressive APYs. This is encouraging to see that they are still managing to pay out such great rewards when a lot of other AMMs and yield farms are either too congested and the APYs ain’t too great.

735% APY for WINGS-BNB and 783% APY for WINGS-BUSD is something to certainly take a look at… not financial advice or anything… just common sense.

For those of you who are impermanent loss-phobic that’s fine, JetFuel have you covered with single-sided pools for all of their platforms tokens.

Stake WINGS, JETS, GFCE and FTS to earn WINGS rewards.

Screenshot 2021-07-20 at 14.27.26.png

WINGS can also be staked on the ‘Vaults’ page which will auto-compound your returns for a very handsome 672% APY… Once again, just common sense.

If you thought the APYs were juicy on BSC wait until you see what the JetFuel protocols are generating on Polygon. Recently launched, JetFuel Finance is now a cross-chain protocol that seamlessly integrates into their DApp.

Just simply select BSC or Polygon to chose the chain.

Screenshot 2021-07-20 at 15.59.07.png

pWINGS-MATIC LP is returning a ridiculously high 2,081% APR! Alternatively, the other farms I like the look of, particularly in this downturn are ETH-USDC 20.83% APR.

My reasoning for this is users who sell their ETH for USDC are interacting with your ETH-USDC LP. In effect, leaving you with more ETH and taking USDC from the pool. Which I am more than fine with.

Buying the dip, automatically.

Again for those who have a real phobia of IL then JetFuel have you covered again. Both pWINGS and PFORCE are above 1000% APR. My recommendation would be to log on every 12-24 hours and manually compound the rewards for maximum yield!

Screenshot 2021-07-20 at 16.00.09.png

I’ve got to say the JetSwap UI, albeit familiar, is very easy on the eyes. Some AMMs and other yield farming protocols don’t look anywhere near as good (no names mentioned)…


Screenshot 2021-07-21 at 14.54.13.png

Anyway, for those of you following closely you will have spotted PFORCE, so what is that?

PFORCE (Polygon) is a variation on GFCORCE (BSC).

Both tokens earn frictionless yield. By holding the GFORCE or PFORCE token you are earning passive income without lifting a finger. Users don’t even have to worry about gas… they are rewarded passively, without question.

Sounds simple but under the hood, it is a little more complex. There is a GFORCE transaction tax of 3%. Of which, the majority is redistributed to G/PFORCE holders whilst 0.05% (of the 3%) is redistributed to the JETS staking pool. We did say everything flows back to JETS holders!

So as long as there are GFORCE and PFORCE transactions on-chain holders will be rewarded. Quick, simple and effective.

Fortress – FTS and FAI

Screenshot 2021-07-21 at 11.34.40.png

The final string to the JetFuel bow (for now), is Fortress. Fortress is a lending and borrowing protocol on BSC.

Lending and borrowing often get overlooked as some users find it difficult to understand, hard to navigate and risky.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. When used well *debt* can be very profitable.

The reason for this is that all debt is not the same. Using a borrowed money to buy a stagnant or depreciating asset is bad debt. Good debt is borrowing funds to invest in something that will then yield more than you need to pay back, hence landing you in profit.

It is no mistake that some of the biggest DeFi protocols are for lending and borrowing. Smart money knows how to leverage borrowed in the correct way.

Fortress operates with two native tokens. The first is the governance token on the platform FTS.

FTS is used for any proposals on the network. If you have a substantial amount of capital in the Fortress lending protocol, it would be wise to also have a say in how the future of the protocol develops.

FTS is also minted and distributed as incentives to the following:

  • Farming Rewards: 65% – 6,500,000

  • Borrowers: 22.75% – 2,275,000

  • Lending: 22.75% – 2,275,000

  • FAI Stable-coin: 19.5% – 1,950,000

  • Team: 20% – 2,000,000 – vested over 6 months

  • Reserve: 10% – 1,000,000 (to be used for initial liquidity, marketing, ect)

  • Initial Jetfuel Offering (IJO): 5% – 500,000

The other token is  FAI, a collateral backed stablecoin.

The FAI stable coin, which is soft-pegged to $1, is minted when a user lends their coins/tokens to protocol.

So, for example: Currently, on Fortress, users can lend their BNB to the market and receive a 23.81% APY for doing so. Not bad at all!

What is great about this is, once you lend your BNB, you are earning the interest whilst also having a specific amount of FAI to do with as you please.

The collateral factor (which is seen on each tokens stats page) denotes how much FAI you can borrow against your deposit.

Screenshot 2021-07-21 at 11.38.48.png

If you deposit $1000 dollars worth of BNB on Fortress, with the current collateral factor of 60%, you could mint $600 worth of FAI.

With FAI, you can then go to the markets and do as you please.

If you wanted to buy more BNB, then so be it. Or if you wanted to hedge against BNB and find a high paying stablecoin LP or even a BNB-BUSD LP you can do that also.

It is completely up to you.

So why isn’t everyone doing this?

Well, if your $1000 BNB deposit dips below your collateralised limit of $600 then you will be sent into forced liquidation.

So in this scenario, if BNB were to drop 40% then you would be forced to close your position and lose your deposit.

That is the risk. Plain and simple. As with all things in crypto and financial markets, it is all about your own personal risk tolerance.

Is there anything else these guys are doing?!

Well, yes… The JetFuel Finance Launchpad has successfully launched multiple third-party projects whilst also continuing to launch its own products in a fair and retail-friendly way.

We have personally joined multiple Initial JetFuel Offerings (IJOs) and have had great success and a very seamless experience each time.

I can’t stress enough how as close to a fair launch as possible is so rare these days. Crypto ICOs and other launchpads are riddled with private sale and whitelist investors that do more harm than good for the projects they are ‘supporting’.

But these guys do it well. Even down to their overflow method which in short, allows users to deposit how much of the IJO they want to buy and if only 80% for example is allocated to them, the remaining 20% is sent back immediately after launch.

It is a risk-free way to participate. Usually, users deposit how much BUSD they would like to spend on the project and if there are enough allocated tokens available for the capital deposited then users receive the full amount.

If on the occasion the demand is high then users receive a weighted percentage of the amount they deposited and receive the rest back in BUSD.


That is JetFuel Finance in a nutshell… and it’s a pretty big one at that. The future of JetFuel looks very promising. In this space, it is often difficult to keep up with the pace of everything going on but time and time again, JetFuel Finance has continued to build and build.

This is important and reassuring for investors as in such a fast-changing environment projects need to adapt or die. There are so many projects that sit still and be married to one idea that could quite easily become obsolete.

When I see projects who are constantly building, releasing great products, are very retail investor-friendly, it gives me a little hope that this space isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

Not financial advice and strictly for educational and entertainment purposes only.

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