Introducing: The blocmates Lifetime Access to Research Pass (LARP) NFT

Jun 13, 2023 | Community Guides, Decentralised Exchanges


The time has come for blocmates to evolve and become its true self in the form of a degenerate media company. We have no ambitions to compare apples-to-apples and take on traditional media head-to-head. They will die by suicide rather than murder. 

We have always wanted to shape this Brand? Thing? Community? Whatever it is… in the way that I would like to digest information about the crypto space. 

When I first started writing on a $20-a-month Squarespace blog that nobody read I never imagined it would get to where it has today. That being said, now that we are here, there is no way we are going to stop. 

We now have a team of all-stars that share the same vision of becoming the number one crypto/DeFi-native media company this space has to offer. Grant, Jedi, Dan, Mike, Alex, Emiri, Ollie and Henry plus all our research analysts and writers that contribute to churning out the huge quantities of quality research and information that you see across our platform. 

Taking inspiration from the early days of Vice, Barstool Sports, The Athletic etc. we want you to enjoy digesting the work we put out there. Too many places release stuff that either makes you die from cringe overload or will bore you to death. Either way, it ain’t great. 

So, to achieve this mammoth task we are set to release the new blocmates site. This will have all our standard content such as research reports, how-to’s, project reviews and all the stuff you’ve come to expect from us. 

Additionally, we will take on the crypto news. I have talked quite openly about my thoughts on the current status quo but in short, it is boring, corrupt and needs a refresh. Same blocmates tone, but news…

There’s a tonne of other shit that we are going to do with regard to growing the network but I won’t bore you to death, I’ll get to the important part. 

Lifetime Access to Research Pass (LARP) NFTs –

With the new website, we will still have the same quality and quantity of free research available for everyone to access. Additionally, we will have a dedicated and exclusive blocmates research area for those who wish to find that additional piece of edge and alpha, so they can take their learnings to the market. 

The focus of this area will be the following: 

  • Actionable insights 
  • Governance Alpha
  • Trend forecasting 
  • On-chain analysis 
  • What we are up to in the markets
  • Whale wallet analysis 
  • Airdrop strategies 
  • Unreleased project alpha 
  • Yield farming strategies 
  • Token reviews 
  • Exclusive guest post content 
  • Our ones to watch
  • Many more… 

We will also post exclusive video and audio content there too including: 

  • Strategy Explainers 
  • How-to’s 
  • Exclusive Project Workshops from Founders 
  • The Weekly LARP (Grant’s rundown of the market)
  • And a few more ideas are in the works too. 

Additionally, we will shift the current Meal Deal 2 Channel in Discord to the blocmates Research/LARP channel which grants LARP holders access to some of the wallet trackers, on-chain alerts, token listings bots and analytics tools we are building out in Discord. This will eventually be housed natively on the website. 

Now, you can purchase access to this area of the site and Discord by purchasing a monthly, quarter or yearly subscription via crypto or card. That is completely fine and would be stupid of us not to offer that. 

The alternative is the LARP NFT…

As we will have wallet sign-in on the new site, a holder of the LARP NFT will be recognised upon connecting their wallet to the site and be granted access to all areas of blocmates Research.

Connecting your wallet in Discord will have a similar effect and grant you access to all the correct channels and analytics tools/bots we are building out. SMARF!

“So, why would I want one of these poxy scam NFTs anyway?” 

Well, Sonny-Jim, I am glad you asked. Strap in. 

As the name suggests, the NFT is a Lifetime Access to Research Pass. So that means a few things… 

  • You get lifetime access to all areas. 
  • Any additional upgrades we do (there will be many) will be available to you instantly
  • This is an access pass… 

Access pass, you say? YARP. 

This is your key to the DeFi Kingdom (Not JEWEL, RIP), we have already lined up the following for LARP NFT holders right out of the gates. 

  • Confirmed Airdrop(s) (Yes, we have one confirmed and it is a BIGGIE, no small boy stuff) – By holding the LARP NFT you will be airdropped tokens from a project that cannot be named (yet). 
  • Priority Allowlist/Whitelist for early project access- Frustratingly we have been approached many times over the past year by projects looking to leverage the blocmates community by granting them an allowlist or whitelist spot for their token launch or NFT mint. A few that spring to mind are The Llamas (0.1ETH mint), SpartaDEX, TridentDAO (pre-public sale), Pearl Club NFT Mint, Savvy DeFi and the list goes on… the LARP NFT will be the portal to early access such projects. 
  • Private Testnet Access for Unreleased Projects – Again, a lot of projects that we help out with or work alongside would love to have some reliable beta testoooors for their new products. We can use the LARP NFT to automatically WL holders to test out these unreleased apps. nftperp, GammaSwap, and Tapioca spring to mind which we would have been able to use this for. There will be a bazillion others. Testnets are usually retroactively incentivised… 
  • Exclusive LARP Channels – There will be a general chat (as there is now) a subscriber channel and then the citadel which will be the LARP channel. The mint is going to be limited so there won’t be a shit tonne of people in there. We will be inviting some founders and friends into this exclusive channel too so you might see some familiar faces. 
  • blocmates events access – Yup, we are going to test out some virtual conferences this year plus an IRL event (Token2049 will be the first in Singapore) which we will co-sponsor a side event and LARP holders will be granted access. This is taking inspiration from the Wassies and Kanpai Pandas’ events. 
  • Yearly Merch Drop – We are going to be releasing a merch store with the new branding. I think it can stand on its own two feet. Additionally, we will be making some limited-edition items to commemorate certain events in the crypto space. If we had this available last year we would have created FTX Risk department merch and sent it out to holders, for example… 

We were going to just do a single JPEG collection but thought we will go the full way and create a full bespoke collection that also acts as an access pass… details surrounding the collection will be drip-fed over the coming weeks.

So, how do you get your grubby little hands on one of these?

Well, first and foremost these will be exclusive. There will be an extremely limited mint, this additional alpha/edge does not work if everyone has access to the benefits. 

We will be airdropping a select amount to the top users of the blocmates Discord. We implemented an activity bot in Discord from day one to track our power users and create a leaderboard based on activity and how helpful you were to the community. We appreciate you guys more than you will ever know. The snapshot for this has already been taken, so don’t try Sybil spam your way to the top, it won’t work. 

There will be a few other opportunities to grab a LARP NFT. This will be meritocracy based and will incentivise the blocmates power users over those looking for a tasty airdrop or cheap mint to flip. 

We will confirm the mint details and how the dynamics of this will work in a few weeks but a TLDR is if you want to get your hands on one at the best price or even for free you’ll have to complete a very easy series of quests… some of which you may have already achieved. 

We will be working with our friends at Tapioca and The Llamas to ensure this is as fair for everyone as possible.

Quests – The quests aren’t going to be difficult to complete. All it requires is some inclination of your desire to obtain a LARP NFT. The full details of each quest will be released through the Ape Enclosure Newsletter, Twitter, blocmates Discord and – So be sure to keep notifications on for these platforms. 

There will be 4 quest badges to collect, you will be like Ash Ketchum running through Kanto (not that Canto…) which will all contribute to your claim to one of a few LARP NFTs. The more quest badges that you collect the higher your chances of getting your hands on a LARP NFT. 

This is the first quest to test if you have read all of the above…

To collect the first badge head to the Tide Protocol link below, connect your wallet and complete the first quest on ARBITRUM.


Please note: Existing newsletter subscribers will be able to claim their badge immediately, those who are new subscribers will be able to claim after roughly 48 hours. 

Thank you all for the support thus far. As you can see there are a million and one things we have wanted to do but up until now we haven’t had the site, NFT or the capacity to do so. This is just the start for us and we hope you come along for the journey. 

Big Love,

blocmates team.