How to buy Reef Finance (REEF) with AAX.

Apr 8, 2021 | Community Guides

The whole DeFi thing is pretty confusing to the average person and it is certainly a big fat NO NO for institutional investment at this current time (I bet they are all retail investing on the sly though…).

Crypto needs a bridge to enable this DeFi revolution to take its rightful place as the financial king and knock traditional finance off its prehistoric perch.

High barrier to entry is what we aim to destroy here at blocmates, although sometimes even the savviest DeFi degens get a little lost. Yield farming, vaults, Impermanent loss and now leveraged yield farming?!

It is all very crazy and is the wild-west of finance. That being said, it is very very exciting.

Reef finance is looking to do away with all that and make DeFi safe, secure and reliable. Oh, and not to mention they are aiming to optimise and even suggest the most beneficial ways to store, save and invest your crypto in lots of different cross-chain DeFi protocols.

All from a seamless and easy to understand user interface.

Seems a big task but if they pull it off and become a one-stop shop for the most optimal DeFi dashboard in this whole space, then it could be a very good investment.

Reef is a project powered by Polkadot. To achieve this mammoth task Reef users will need access to liquidity and lots of it…

Reef will enable liquidity to be drawn from centralised exchanges (CEX) and also decentralised exchanges (DEX) often filling orders in the most optimal way even if that is from multiple sources. Fascinating.

Reef has made a very good start with its cross-chain development with the REEF token being available on ETH, DOT, BSC and SOL to name a few.

I am just going to leave this here… I can see the words Reef Card in there…


REEF tokenomics –

There seems to be a lot of hype around this project with an awful lot of capital being invested. Now, the easiest way to buy REEF is by using AAX.

To celebrate their recent listing on AAX there are currently two REEF competitions.

The first is the easiest, even you nan could do it. Deposit 100 REEF and receive 10 REEF. Read THIS GUIDE to find out more…

Or for more chances to boost up those gains head to AAX- REEF trading competition. For more information on this head to THIS link. You have until Sunday to get involved.

So let’s have a quick look at how to buy REEF on AAX.

Head to after signing up via THIS LINK for discounted trading fees.

Or scan this handy QR code


We have a complete guide on how to buy crypto using AAX in a matter of minutes. You can read that HERE to get started. 

Following this head to spot.


Click the search bar




Now if you have followed the how to buy a guide or equally you have sent USDT from another wallet, you can now select the REEF/USDT trading pair on AAX.


Head to the right where you can select limit or market buy. Remember limit is effectively placing a bid for a buy and sell order. So you can select your price and hope it gets filled.

Alternatively, you can place a market order and pay the current price and get filled.


You can now head to your already made REEF wallet which you can use to store your REEF or equally send it to an offline cold wallet like Trezor or Ledger. Which you can buy through the links.

AAX has a wide selection of the most popular cryptocurrencies on the market including its own native platform currency AAB.

Not only that AAX is one of the most reliable exchanges out there and proudly keeps the lights on when other big exchanges often halt withdrawals and deposits during busy times.

I always recommend to our clients that you have AAX even if it is just for busy times. But, I will warn you… you will stay.

Why wouldn’t you? The user interface is the most user friendly out there and to top it all off… they are powered by the London Stock Exchange Groups Technology’s Millennium Exchange, bringing scalable, trustworthy powerful exchanges to the cryptocurrency markets.

If you are yet to sign up to AAX, we have a great working partnership with them and you can sign up to receive discounted trading fees using this link or by using the QR code below.


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