The 7 best ways to get free crypto – 2021.

Mar 11, 2021 | Community Guides

Who doesn’t like free stuff? In this case the “free stuff” is cryptocurrency and that is even better. You never know how much these little tricks and tips could amount to in the future!

Whether you are new to this whole thing and want a completely risk free way to get your hands on some crypto, or you have already taken too much out of the joint savings account to invest any more, so you want to earn more instead… we have something for everyone.

In all seriousness please don’t invest more than you can afford to lose.

We will take you through the top 7 ways we like to earn free cryptocurrency with no strings attached. 

I apologise that this is littered with referral links but a lot of these incentives are built around referrals.

Sign up… it’s that simple. 

Coinbase one of the most popular exchanges to newcomers due to its easy to use platform actually gives you and the person who referred you $10 (~£7) worth of Bitcoin following your first purchase of $100 (~£70)! It couldn’t be easier.

To earn this free Bitcoin you can use our link HERE. This helps support our page massively.

Binance is now running the same scheme with a free $5 worth of BUSD on your first $50 or more purchase of any cryptocurrency when you sign up with THIS LINK.

Again this is a referral so both of us will receive the $5! Win-win.

Learn to earn. 

There are a few different ways you can actually take mini-courses (a few minutes here and there) and on completing these courses you will earn cryptocurrency, usually in the form of the same coin/token you have just learnt about.

The best thing is these are good amounts and usually the projects you are learning about are in their infancy meaning the value you earn could be worth an awful lot more in the near future. It could also be worthless but, it’s cool, it’s free anyway.

So how do you do this? You will need a Coinbase account. You can sign up to Coinbase HERE. 

Once you have spent $100 as described above you will also receive $10 worth of Bitcoin!

So now you are on Coinbase. Click this link to go to Coinbase Earn.

I believe there is over $100 to be made on Coinbase Earn at the moment and believe me when I say this, I wish I never sold any of the coins I earned on Coinbase Earn back in 2018.

I dread to think how much would be sat in there now. But then again, that is another aspect of cryptocurrency you will have to figure out on your own.

There are easy watching videos and short quizzes at the end to prove you understand the project and then you are rewarded for your *hard work*.

Please remember to use this referral link and you will be seriously helping our platform. 

Binance do have a learn and earn platform too but that seems to be less established than Coinbase but if you would like to check that out please head to Binance and sign up to our referral link HERE.

Crypto Cashback 

That’s right, there is such thing as cryptocurrency credit and debit cards. There are two on the market currently that we would recommend.

The beauty of these cards is that if you re using them for everyday spending, depending on what level you are on (similar to your regular bank cards system), you will receive cryptocurrency rewards as ‘cashback’.

But instead of cash, it is Bitcoin.

The first of the two is Swipe aka SXP.

Swipe is the new kid on the bloc(k). Its native currency SXP is used to fuel the full process. There are 4 different tiers of Swipe card for all types of budgets.

  1. Saffron – 1% cashback in Bitcoin, Spotify rebate and no SXP staking required (SXP deposit effectively)

  2. Sky – 2% cashback in Bitcoin, Spotify, Amazon Prime and Netflix rebate with 300 SXP required staking for 6 months.

  3. Steel – very cool card… 4% cashback in Bitcoin, Spotify, Amazon Prime, Netflix, Uber, Apple Music and rebates! 3000 SXP required staking for 6 months.

  4. Slate – Metal card… mmm. 8% cashback in Bitcoin. Spotify, Amazon Prime, Netflix, Uber, Apple Music, Hulu, Starbucks, Airbnb and rebates… I know ridiculous. 100,000 SXP required staking for 6 months.

So yeah, something for everyone with cashback rewards in Bitcoin and lots of refunds for everyday apps too.

You can sign up with our referral code which is D94NKV at

The other option is also has its own cryptocurrency, CRO. has been around for a while now and is definitely the more established card.

Although there are pros and cons to both so be sure to check them both out.

You can earn $25 in CRO when you sign up to a friends referral link… ahem… LINK HERE.

You will have to stake 5000 CRO. This is at the time of writing $0.18/CRO or $900. We agree it is a lot especially when you weigh up the potential upside of each native token you will be staking…

Like with Swipe, you have multiple tiers based on how much of a baller you are.

  1. Midnight Blue – 1% cashback in CRO. No staking required.

  2. Ruby Steel – 2% cashback in CRO, 5000 CRO stake requirement. Spotify rebate.

  3. Jade Green – 3% cashback in CRO, 50,000 CRO stake requirement. Spotify and Netflix rebate.

  4. Icy White – 5% cashback in CRO, 500,000 CRO stake required. Spotify, Netflix and Prime rebate.

  5. Obsidian – 8% cashback in CRO, 1,000,000 CRO stake required. Spotify, Netflix and Prime rebate. That’s the least they can offer…

Anyway, the decision is yours to make, you aren’t short of options.

Get paid to browse using BRAVE.

This one is fascinating. The creator of JavaScript, Mozilla Firefox and now the Brave browser, Brendan Eich has created, with the Brave team a revolutionary way to use the internet.

Instead of being battered with advertisements whilst using your web browser and google being paid for clicks, the Brave browser flips advertising on its head. Advertisers will list their adverts on the Brave browser and pay you to view them whilst you scroll through the internet.

These tokens are paid in Basic Attention Token (BAT). Released at around $0.07 4 years ago, BAT is now $0.80… It pays to use Brave in more ways than one.

Stake to earn. 

Staking is a way to deposit your crypto to secure that coin’s network. This is called Proof-of-Stake. You are helping validate transactions on the blockchain by doing this and in return, you earn staking rewards.

I guarantee the staking rewards you will earn are a lot higher than your bank’s interest rates…

Where to stake? Well, that depends on the coin. Usually, the site of the coin directly will have a decentralised app you can interact with to stake your coins and earn staking rewards.

On Pancake Swap, for example, you can stake CAKE (the native token on Pancake Swap) and earn 130% APY… Like I said, much better than your dinosaur bank.

Provide Liquidity 

Providing liquidity effectively means you put your coins into a smart contract. If other people interact with that smart contract and use the coins you have deposited, you earn rewards usually in the form of transaction fees.

There is a lot more to it than this and there are certain risks you need to take into account such as impermanent loss. You can learn more about impermanent loss and liquidity providing HERE. 

But similar to staking the rewards are very lucrative. A great web application we use a lot is Beefy Finance. On there, some of the daily % returns can often be greater than 5%! For more on Beefy Finance head HERE. 

Lend it out.

Yeah, with regular lending, there is no way you would just lend money to people over the internet and expect it back at all, nevermind expect it back with great interest.

If you have your crypto sat there gathering dust, you can use a lending platform such as

Here you can deposit your tokens/coins into a smart contract which will then allow borrowers to borrow yours and others tokens at a fixed or variable rate. You can withdraw at any time which is also a bonus.

These returns are modest compared to some of the protocols out there but they are extremely reliable and legit. Plus, these are 10x over what your bank will give you easily…

We hope this helps and has been useful. If you have any questions just get in touch and we will be more than happy to help. Please remember to sign up using the referral links to help support our platform.

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