The Ultimate Guide to Euler Tools (EULER) – 2021.

May 8, 2021 | Community Guides

Crypto is evolving. Decentralised Finance is an emerging market and for the most part, it is confusing as hell, especially for new users.

There is no doubt that the demand for DeFi and DApps are increasing. MetaMask surpassed 5 million monthly active users last month and this number is going to continue to grow.

On a side note, if this doesn’t highlight how early you still are, nothing will.

Setting up and configuring a MetaMask is confusing enough and if this who DeFi thing is to really take the crown from traditional finance, it needs to be simple, quick and seamless.

Once onboard, users will quickly begin trading on their DEX of choice often (Pancake Swap/WSwap etc.) this is where it can often go downhill.

Even the more experienced traders can quickly lose track of the most basic metrics when using Decentralised Applications and exchanges. Trying to keep track of things like your average buy price, price action, charts, volume and profit/loss is tough.

Fortunately, the underlying technology that powers all this is the blockchain. A global record of any transactions. Unfortunately, once again, this is confusing as hell to understand especially to new users.

The more experienced may go to websites like BSCscan/Etherscan, but take it from me, using these platforms to find useful and extractable data is like trying to find the worlds smallest needle in the worlds largest and ever-expanding haystack.

Data is the oil of the internet. The biggest companies in the centralised world are all in the data business. Facebook, Google, Amazon are all huge data whales. The reason they are so successful is that they know how to mine those invaluable nuggets from gigantic datasets and then translate this into a valuable easy to understand product like advertising. Not to mention harnessing data is a trillion-dollar industry.

Having all that data without being able to use it is useless. What’s worse is not knowing how to use it.

Having a tool that can help users of DeFi and crypto, in general, utilise the mounds and mounds of endless data that is on the blockchain is invaluable for traders and investors alike.

Having that fraction of a percentage edge can make all the difference when investing. So let’s take a look at the platform that can help you achieve this.

Introducing: Euler Tools.


Euler is a blockchain explorer. What that means is, Euler Tools collects extremely valuable information and then displays it in a very simple, easy to understand user interface. This allows the end-user (you) to be able to gain insight into what is going on under the hood of the markets.

The project is named after the great polymath, Leonhard Euler who famously lost his sight later in life and as an unexpected consequence, began to become even more productive. Euler was quoted saying that due to his deteriorating sight, he will now “have fewer distractions”. What a guy…

One of Euler’s most famous pieces of work was the “Seven Bridges of Königsberg” in which he discovered how to travel the most efficiently in a city with seven bridges. Now, the Euler Tools team are drawing inspiration from this work as they seek to find the most efficient way to navigate multiple blockchains, tokens and exchanges.

Recent Launch on Wault LaunchPad –

EULER (the Euler Tools token) launched on the Wault Finance LaunchPad IDO on April 5th 2021 and immediately sold out the presale allocation. We at blocmates saw the promise of Euler Tools and thought that their mission was very aligned with what we are trying to achieve ourselves.

Making cryptocurrency and the blockchain accessible to everyone and anyone. We truly believe that tools and platforms like Euler are vital in breaking down the barrier to entry, not just for the average retail investor, but to onboard institutions too.

Because of that, even when we missed out on the presale, as soon as EULER started trading on Pancake Swap, we invested right away.

What are the features of Euler Tools?

I think the best way to go through a few of these features that Euler is beginning to offer, is to go through some hypothetical scenarios, where we can also have a bit of a laugh.

You may see yourself in a few of these, but don’t take offence, we are very much in the same boat.

Scenario 1 – Elon the Ape.

Elon is an ape. There are no two ways about it. He is constantly on the lookout for gems on the Binance Smart Chain. So as apes do, they dive headfirst into a lot of projects that fluctuate in price an awful lot. Often, Elon adds to his winners that have momentum, buy high and sell higher right?

Also, when using DEXs like Wault Swap and Pancake Swap etc. It is difficult to find the price action in a chart format so that Elon can use some technical analysis to exit or add to his bags.

Screenshot 2021-05-08 at 15.55.52.png

If Elon was a smart ape, he could use Euler Tools to fix all of the above. All he would have to do is to connect to Euler using his MetaMask web browser wallet and away he goes.

From here his portfolio would be able to highlight average buy price, profit and loss and also overview his favourite token pairs on a familiar trading view chart, with all the tools he knows and loves.

Oh… and what could possibly be one of the best ape protection tools in the whole space is also available to Euler Tools users. Rugpull alerts.

Elon likes to invest in some questionable projects, to say the least… sound familiar? Using Euler Tools, Elon can set up customized alerts which would alert him to a messaging platform like Telegram, if a project is pulling the rug beneath his feet. Try keeping on top of that yourself.

The customisation feature doesn’t have to just be for rug pulls… You can receive alerts for any kind of metric you can think of. Volume spikes could be a good idea too, because we all know, volume. precedes. price.

Scenario 2 – Satoshi the maxi.

Satoshi is smart. Very smart. But he is a bit of a Bitcoin maximalist. All his friends around him are making money from all this Defi stuff…

The problem is Satoshi isn’t the best trader and he prefers to copy trade someone who knows what they are doing if he can.

Using Euler Tools, Satoshi has spotted a whale who has just bought $500K worth of EULER, this guy knows his stuff, obviously.

Using the copy trade function on Euler, Satoshi can now do exactly that. Euler will monitor that whale’s wallet and send alerts to Satoshi, filling him in with their latest buy or sell.

This is perfect and smart. Satoshi can invest like the big players and hopefully benefit from their market shifting buys.

Again, try doing that manually.

Scenario 3 – Leonhard the yield farmer.

Leonhard is an avid yield farmer. It ain’t much, but it’s honest work.

He is currently using the Eleven finance vault to earn 1.7% a day on his EULER-BNB WLP + a little extra in ELE. But, Leonhard has been a little lax in his personal admin and can’t remember his initial LP price and his overall deposit.

Screenshot 2021-05-08 at 17.32.44.png

On top of this Leonhard, like all of us, are scared of the dreaded impermanent loss.

Using the yield tracker powered by 0xtracker, Leonhard can see all of his gains and hopefully not too much impermanent loss. Additionally, if this wallet is also farming other LPs or even single assets, he will be able to have all this displayed in a clean user interface, so he can do away with those unkept google sheets.

These are just the tip of the iceberg for what Euler are working on and implementing into their platform. The possibilities are truly endless. The team see problems brought up in the community and find ways to harness the blockchain data and turn it into an invaluable product.

The beauty of this platform is that it isn’t one dimensional. Euler can move with the times and evolve with the industry. If new weird and wonderful DeFi applications emerge, the principal is the same. Harness, the data, provide the information.

Tokenomics –

EULER itself is a  BEP-20 utility token for the Euler Tools platform. Users which hold 4,000 EULER gain access to premium features.

Accessing the platform is done through a subscription-based model. There is a free tier that allows some great basic functions on Euler and those holding 4000 EULER also get an increased premium experience.

This 4000 holding premium is true for all levels.

Those staking 40,000 EULER  gain full access to all the services on Euler Tools.

In my opinion, it pays to be early with EULER. The more the price increases the more you end up setting aside for the services. This way Euler are looking after their early adopters and investors. Smart if you ask me.

Aside from that 1% of all transactions in EULER are burnt and taken out of circulation. This great deflationary mechanism ensures a steady increase in price for EULER investors. Win-win.

With only 100,000,000 EULER max supply and a market cap of $11 million, the constant expansion of new users, new products and deflationary burning mechanisms, holders of EULER will be in for a nice treat going forward.

As the demand for the platform and token increase, whilst the supply of EULER steadily decreases, all things point to a steady and continual price increase.

To conclude this article, we are incredibly excited to be investors and users of EULER. The possibilities are endless for this team and their product and we look forward to releasing another article in the future once more features are rolled out.

Euler Tools details –

If you are still unsure how to purchase BSC coins using a DEX and MetaMask head to our easy to read guide HERE.

How to sign up to Binance and get started with EULER.

Click this link to get started – If you need a hand setting it up we have already made a walkthrough guide on how to do this.

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