Do Kwon’s first movie and big blocmates announcement

Aug 17, 2022 | Newsletter

📽 Do Kwon’s first movie, 🐶 doge pumps and 🇧🇷 Bitcoin in Brazil

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It’s DOGE season! Dogechain recently launched so it makes sense that Doge, the native token of the ecosystem, is seeing increased volume and price spikes as we can see from the most recent green candle. This could be a potential momentum play as the chain begins to heat up and more trades are trading coins over in the ecosystem.

Could Dogechain be the Ethereum merge killer and take the spotlight? Maybe but probably not, in the meantime, if you’ve got a bag of Doge, enjoy the run it may have with microchips in the space flying.

USER GUIDE: How to bridge over to Doge

DOGE/USDT | Image from Trading View

Elon who? Doge doesn’t need Elon to pump  as the community race over to the newly created dogechain. Bridge here  and swap here . BUT DYOR and stay SAFU!

Do Kwon…the movie. As the Terra founder speaks out, to Coinage Media , on the $45bn capitulation  that was Terra’s collapse and contagion instigator.

Bad News for Acala as the defi-hub on Polkadot saw its aUSD (over-collateralised native stablecoin) plummeted to zero in a 1.28 billion aUSD tokens  exploit. The official tweet found here .

ICO Ethereum Whaledistributes 145,000 Eth around wallets , to stake for validators or ready to dooompa looompa the merger news pump?

Bitcoin in Brazil as Brazil’s largest brokerage XP launched its crypto trading branch XTAGE via a new partnership with Nasdaq. Opening the doors to 3.5million users .

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You got PUNK’D! I see this as a new hit TV show for CryptoPunks  and Meebits as IP rights  are finally released.

Michael Burry dumps his portfolio and apes GEO, “private prisons & mental health facilities .”

Binance heads to Kazakhstan as it wins approval and is allowed to “deliver its services in the region .”

Elon who? Yea he’s back again but this time scores a rare victory against Twitter  as he gains access to 22 documents from the fired general manager

Whats Warren Aping? Looks like he’s bullish on Apple and oil plays Chevron and Occidental Petroleum as Berkshire adds over $25bn in oil stocks .

These are on our watch list for this coming week and remember to do your own research: $VSTA, $UMAMI, $RDPX, $HUMMUS, $METIS.

Still keeping an eye on dogechain and $DOGE given the narrative being strong.

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A Useful Read, from Decrypt “What are going mixers and how do they work?

The Latest TweetWhat is NFT Finance?  A deep dive by @BurstingBagel , is this the start of a new narrative?

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