Are you using the best crypto portfolio tracker? -2021.

Mar 13, 2021 | Community Guides

If you are reading this you have probably got to the stage where you are either ready to set up your first crypto portfolio tracker or you are fed up with your “tracker” being stuck with last months values.

For the former, this is going to be very easy. For the latter, don’t worry we have got you. You will be able to refresh your new-found portfolio tracker as much as you like, huge thumbs incoming. The best part, it will actually work!

What is a portfolio tracker? 

A portfolio tracker is, well… something that tracks your portfolio… In simple terms, it monitors your profit and loss (hopefully more profit than loss).

It displays your whole portfolio value, but also allows you to click into each individual coin you are holding and see what’s going on with your gains.

You will notice that your exchange wallet balance only shows you your current balance, which is no good if you can’t remember the exact amount you bought and what the price at the time was.

So, what is the best portfolio tracking app in 2021?

That my friends are where Accointing comes in.

Accointing is more than a great play on words, it is a super reliable portfolio tracker which you can link to your preferred exchange.

This is great because if you are day trading or building up your portfolio often, Accointing monitors this through the exchange and automatically updates your portfolio tracker. You don’t have to do anything.

To set this up, first, you are going to need an account. Of course, we have a link for you – HERE. 

You can use your google account details to streamline the whole process.

Next, you will want to add an exchange connection. To do this head to your exchange of choice i.e. AAX or Binance.

Click on API connection.

Binance – You can find the API here


For AAX – You can find the API here.


Once you have found the API connection page you will need to give the API connection a name. This could be “2021” for example.

For Binance you will need to edit restrictions and remove “enable spot and margin trading” then click save.

For AAX you should be good to go as long as all your API restrictions are set to “Read” and not “Write”.

You will now be given a private QR code.

Log in to your Accointing mobile app for Accointing and click exchange connection.

Select the correct exchange.

Now scan the QR code. The rest of the information should automatically populate.

Allow a minute or so for the API connection to establish.

There you go, you are now done.

So what does it look like?

Portfolio – You will see your total balance at the top whilst each individual coin will be listed below. If you click through each coin you can see its profit and loss in % and $.

Our billions have been ‘pinked’ out

I use $ even though I am UK based, it makes me feel more wealthy…



You will be able to see the whole markt and even create a watch list. If you are on our Patreon you can hook up our Early Retirement Index and see its performance! You can join our Patreon HERE.

So I think you will agree the app user interface is very slick.

What about the web browser? 


Again, extremely clean and user friendly. I really like the performance indicator you can compare to other Accointing users. We are doing okay I must admit…

So are you sold? You should be it is our go-to app and is pinned to our web browser.

Again, if you would like to sign up you can do so HERE. 

Tip – If the exchange connection is taking a minute to load you can refresh the exchange connection by selecting the refresh button shown here.

Accointing is not just a crypto tracker… They have an excellent tax report generator for the easiest way to file those all-important (yet annoying) taxes. You must always make sure you file a tax report if you withdraw back to cash.

I will write a full article on this but if you would like to go ahead and generate a report you, blocmates readers will receive a 10% discount by using our sign up link. 

Accointing on social media –

Twitter – @Accointing

Instagram – @Accointing

We hope this helps and has been useful. If you have any questions just get in touch and we will be more than happy to help. Please remember to sign up using the referral links to help support our platform.

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