The best apps and websites in crypto – 2021.

Mar 9, 2021 | Community Guides

If you are new to cryptocurrency or have just logged back in after drying your 2017 tears, you will be looking for the best apps and websites to get your knowledge up to scratch.

Luckily for you, we have you covered. We will break it down into certain categories to allow you the time to figure out what ones you like and dislike.

Best rankings sites –

CoinMarketCap – is for me the best cryptocurrency ranking list out there. This one is constantly open on my browser.

It allows you to see the rankings of each coin by market cap, see their current price, 24-hour volume, circulating and max supply. It’s a one-stop-shop for a quick overview of the fundamentals of a coin.

CoinGecko – Much of the same here, but there are a few features we like on CoinGecko that you don’t see on CMC.

The first being, AMMs & yield aggregators like yearnFinance, Pancake Swap and Beefy Finance, the market cap: total value locked (TVL) ratio is shown, which is a key indicator of performance a potential price. These should ideally be 1.0 If projects are less than 1.0 then the project is undervalued. If it is over 1.0 then it is overvalued.

Second, we love collecting those candies… You can redeem candies every day when you log on to CoinGecko which then add up to allow you to purchase certain items on CoinGecko like guides…

Both are great and we use them both in probably a 60:40 ratio. CMC: CG

Charts –

Trading View is king. You can view any charts that are traded on exchanges such as Binance, Bittrex, Bitbay, Coinbase etc. You just have to be using this to view your charts.

You can follow other traders on there and view their chart ideas or even follow certain pairs and view peoples thoughts on the current situation. It is overall just great.

If you trade dinosaur stocks you can view all that rubbish on there too…

What you won’ find on there is the new and exciting DeFi world. The fast-paced environment isn’t being monitored effectively by Trading View.

Now that is a problem if you want to view your BIFI token price action against BUSD.

The currently booming Binance Smart Chain needs its charts too! That’s where Ape Tools comes in!

Despite having one of the best names out there, Ape Tools has an excellent platform for you to be able to chart all your newfound BSC gems. Their NANA token may also be one to keep your eye on…

The “Coming Soon” sections on the web app are very, very intriguing too. Whale Tracker, Telegram Bots and more… Get this one pinned on your taskbar, it is a must for all you BSC degens.

If you are rich and can afford ridiculous ETH fees and are trading on Uniswap or Sushi, you will also need a DEX charting app. DEXtools is a great platform to chart and track all your ERC-20 tokens, just watch out for those fees…

Exchanges –

There is no getting around it Binance is the king of the centralised exchanges. It hosts the most trading pairs and boasts the highest trading volume of all. In February it reached a massive $80 billion in a single day of trading!

If you are yet to sign up to Binance you can do so HERE

The fees are great with 0.1% or even as low as 0.075% if you trade with BNB. Complexity wise it may be confusing for a newcomer to cryptocurrency.

But if you are part of our Patreon, we offer one-to-one sessions taking you through this kind of thing. You can join our Patreon HERE.

Coinbase – You have undoubtedly heard of Coinbase. Their app and website are seamless. This is actually the place we bought our first crypto back in 2017. Successfully buying the top…

I always recommend going to Coinbase Learn and going through their programmes which actually pay you to learn about cryptocurrency! Set it and forget it. You could come back in a few years to a good amount of money!

There is nothing wrong with Coinbase until you encounter the fees. Sometimes upwards of 3-4% which is A LOT.

If you are cool with those fees for ease of use then you can sign up HERE.

So is there a happy medium between complexity and fees?


AAX is a cryptocurrency exchange that is powered by the London Stock Exchange Millenium exchange technology.

It is extremely reliable because of that and it couldn’t be easier to purchase crypto directly from their homepage in a few clicks.

Their fees are also 0.1% win-win.

If you would like to sign up to AAX just scan the QR code with your camera below or click THIS LINK.


If you need a hand let us know and we will be more than happy to take you through setting up an account. Join our Telegram channel and/or Patreon to book a one-to-one.

Multi-crypto wallets

The best and most useful web browser app is (in my opinion) is MetaMask. You can pin it to your google chrome browser and it automatically detects when you are in a decentralised application that you can interact with.

If you trade on a decentralised exchange (DEX) such as Pancake Swap (BSC) or Uniswap (ETH), you will use MetaMask. You can trade your coins directly out of the app on Pancake or Uniswap which is great.

You will need to configure your MetaMask to Binance Smart Chain if you wish to trade on Pancake Swap. We have a walkthrough HERE.

Trust Wallet – is the best mobile app (again, in my opinion). It holds a ridiculous amount of cryptocurrencies and can even hold NFTs. You can connect to your Trust wallet app by scanning the wallet connect QR code on certain DEX and dApps.

Trust wallet also has builtin DEX trading, which allows you to be able to trade certain cryptos within the app itself. It is very very good and is the official multi-crypto wallet partner of Binance.

For more information on the best wallets of 2021 read our article HERE. 

Decentralised Exchange (DEX) –

More and more people are dipping their toes in the DEX waters. It is becoming more and more user friendly by the day.

The recent DeFi explosion has led people away from traditional centralised exchanges to explore the wild-west of cryptocurrency.

There are many reasons for this. DEX gives you access to projects EARLY. Getting invested in a project before it hits the big guys exchange is a very lucrative plan.

The problem is there is an awful lot of rubbish out there too. But, if you follow our guides and DYOR it is relatively simple to spot a diamond.

DEX are a place you can trad person-to-person or person-to-contract, this type of platform is called an Automated Market Marker (AMM). You can also effectively lend out your coins/tokens to others and earn some pretty mindblowing interset. Get in touch to learn more.

We have a full how-to DYOR and pick a gem article HERE. 

Pancake Swap is the most popular DEX on Binance Smart Chain, whilst Uniswap is the most popular on Ethereum.

You don’t need an account you just trade directly out of your MetaMask or Trust wallet! This is a decentralised no-KYC app after all.

Portfolio Trackers –

Blockfolio is a great way to track your portfolio. You can see profit/loss over your full portfolio or click into each coin and see the PnL there.

You can connect Blockfolio directly to the big centralised exchanges AAX, Coinbase Binance etc. by clicking through to API management and scanning the QR code whilst in “exchange connection” in Blockfolio.

Accointing –  Another great portfolio tracker for both web and mobile is Accointing. Again, you can connect directly with your exchange to track your profit and loss.

What is also great with Accointing, once you are doing well and you are looking to take profit, you can use there extremely simple to use, platform and calculate your capital gains allowance and tax.

We know you don’t want to but it is paramount you use this service.

DeFi Trackers –

BSC/ETH trackers like  DFox and Yield Watch are excellent and are probably my most refreshed apps/websites.

Yieldwatch in particular is excellent for tracking your BSC investments, profits and loss. You can even track your yield if you have staked your coins in vaults, farms, pools etc. I couldn’t live without it.

Dfox is a mobile application that you can paste your MetaMask address in to for both ETH and BSC. It is equally great for keeping track of all your degen plays.

News –

@Blocmates on Twitter for all the best and latest news…

Cointelegraph, CoinDesk and Crypto news are all excellent platforms to keep up to date with what is going on in an ever-changing landscape.

Others –

DeFi pulse is somewhere we are finding ourselves more and more lately which keeps a close eye on all things decentralised finance. We highly recommend getting familiar with this one.

BSCscan and EtherScan are vital for keeping track of all your BSC and ETH transactions.

You can also see the addresses and contracts activity of your favourite projects and check out some under the hood tokenomics such as burn addresses and more.

Honourable mentions –

Crypto Twitter is a love-hate place but it is overall an excellent place for up to date information. Use $ instead of a hashtag for your favourite projects to see what others are saying. $BTC, $ETH, etc.

Telegram – Find your favourite projects telegram channels and interact with the community.

You get first-hand information from the developers and usually some great insight into the project. Plus if you have any questions you can fire them over and get a very quick response.

We have our own Telegram community that anyone is welcome to join. Hit us up HERE. 

There are probably a few we have missed off here, but these are our most active ones at the minute. If there are any you think we should use let us know!

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