🦍 Alpha Ape #3 – ChatGPT Twitter Takeover, Arbitrum Alpha & More

Dec 12, 2022 | Newsletter


Our World Cup dreams have been crushed (again) and this week is probably one of the most pivotal weeks of the year.

SBF speaks in front of Congress Tues/Weds, US CPI numbers on Tues, and the FOMC on Weds followed by the press conference.

But before the games begin we’ve put together a collection of alpha tweets, 3 project updates, and 3 governance TLDRs to kick-start your week off.

Remember: Nothing in this newsletter is financial advice and is purely for entertainment purposes only. The projects mentioned are just interesting finds.

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🐥 Top Tweets – blocmates (& maybe Binance) are assembling a crypto footy team, Ryan Selkis from Messari turned bearish in 9 days, ChatGPT continues to take over Twitter, TheDefiInvestor looks at top AI projects, Polygon NFT sales are pumping with Starbucks partnership going live and Crypto_Linn reminds us pumpamentals > fundamentals.

👀 Might be Something – We look at Eth perp and delta neutral vaults from Rage Trade, Factor DAO, the Draft Kings of trading and the real yield ecosystem builder Mellow Finance.

👨‍💻 Governance Proposals – Lyra 🚴‍♀️ Velodrome, Sweat 💧 Vote to 🔥 Burn and UniSwap 🦄 Governance Voting Proposal Update.

📝 Thread of the Day – Arbitrum is still the hottest topic in crypto right now and ViktorDefi breaks down some of the top protocols.

🎧 Podcast of the Day – With the launch of chainEDGE we look back at the time when Onchain Wizard joined us.

🔥 Top Tweets

They’re coming home again but Binance 🤝 blocmates might be starting something?

Something definitely happened to go from this…

…to this in just 9 days?

Su-Kyle are on a comeback tour but let’s not forget what 3AC did

Enter the Matrix…

…and let The Defi Investor show you the way with these AI projects

Arbitrum alpha…wen airdrop?! (soon)

Rage Trade ensures user safety ahead of their vault launch

Polygon NFT scene is popping

<div class=”tweet” data-attrs=”{“url”:”https://twitter.com/sandeepnailwal/status/1601630256326414336?s=20&t=gI_ch5mfZd0mhexll-M25w”,”full_text”:”NFT buyers on @0xPolygon are growing exponentially. An NFT supercycle is brewing on Polygon.nnSource : @nansen_ai nnPS: Saw some HUGE discrepancies on @cryptoslamio data as they dont index many Polygon apps. We escalated to them again. Posting new bigquery based dashboard shortly “,”username”:”sandeepnailwal”,”name”:”Sandeep | Polygon 💜🔝3️⃣”,”date”:”Sat Dec 10 17:29:44 +0000 2022″,”photos”:[{“img_url”:”https://pbs.substack.com/media/FjoiOgEWIAUeHhE.jpg”,”link_url”:”https://t.co/Y9ZaooggWm”,”alt_text”:null}],”quoted_tweet”:{},”retweet_count”:103,”like_count”:478,”expanded_url”:{},”video_url”:null,”belowTheFold”:true}”>

Twitter avatar for @sandeepnailwal

Sandeep | Polygon 💜🔝3️⃣ @sandeepnailwal
NFT buyers on @0xPolygon are growing exponentially. An NFT supercycle is brewing on Polygon.

Source : @nansen_ai

PS: Saw some HUGE discrepancies on @cryptoslamio data as they dont index many Polygon apps. We escalated to them again. Posting new bigquery based dashboard shortly


Whilst the Starbucks 🤝 Polygon partnership begins

<div class=”tweet” data-attrs=”{“url”:”https://twitter.com/Fwiz/status/1600967863673577472?s=20&t=AJQVwzidy85L-O4g0AGOpQ”,”full_text”:”The @Starbucks x @0xPolygon journey has officially begunnn☕️Starbucks Odyssey members will use their Starbucks Rewards login to access the beta experiencenn💌As Stamps are collected, members’ Point total will increase, unlocking access to unique benefitsnnstories.starbucks.com/stories/2022/t… “,”username”:”Fwiz”,”name”:”Ryan Wyatt”,”date”:”Thu Dec 08 21:37:37 +0000 2022″,”photos”:[{“img_url”:”https://pbs.substack.com/media/FjfGkudVIAAcpDI.png”,”link_url”:”https://t.co/P9SpA8VQG2″,”alt_text”:null},{“img_url”:”https://pbs.substack.com/media/FjfGlSLUUAAmrTz.png”,”link_url”:”https://t.co/P9SpA8VQG2″,”alt_text”:null},{“img_url”:”https://pbs.substack.com/media/FjfGwqwVUAEsrvP.png”,”link_url”:”https://t.co/P9SpA8VQG2″,”alt_text”:null}],”quoted_tweet”:{},”retweet_count”:142,”like_count”:615,”expanded_url”:{},”video_url”:null,”belowTheFold”:true}”>

Twitter avatar for @Fwiz

Ryan Wyatt @Fwiz

A journalistic cucumber hunt must begin asap according to Jesse

The Beacon Settlement Cup Qualifiers begin…

<div class=”tweet” data-attrs=”{“url”:”https://twitter.com/The_Beacon_GG/status/1601329852069515264?s=20&t=Y97SDxTw-3hRIeltfQa9tw”,”full_text”:”The Beacon #SettlementCup Qualifiers, coming DEC 12nnOver $12500 in $MAGIC and prizes available for tournament competitors.nnCompete in a new dungeon mode, and try your shot at becoming Top Settler.nnOnly 16 will qualify.nnPowered by @Treasure_DAO, @arbitrum , @ReadyPlayerDAO “,”username”:”The_Beacon_GG”,”name”:”The Beacon (Play the prototype starting Nov 25)”,”date”:”Fri Dec 09 21:36:02 +0000 2022″,”photos”:[{“img_url”:”https://substackcdn.com/image/upload/w_1028,c_limit,q_auto:best/l_twitter_play_button_rvaygk,w_88/t943tuhqlueoemc7agzh”,”link_url”:”https://t.co/78EdGu875n”,”alt_text”:null}],”quoted_tweet”:{},”retweet_count”:70,”like_count”:261,”expanded_url”:{},”video_url”:”https://video.twimg.com/ext_tw_video/1601329365752680451/pu/vid/1280×720/DEXpi3nUT1XDjRpU.mp4?tag=12″,”belowTheFold”:true}”>

Twitter avatar for @The_Beacon_GG

The Beacon (Play the prototype starting Nov 25) @The_Beacon_GG
The Beacon #SettlementCup Qualifiers, coming DEC 12

Over $12500 in $MAGIC and prizes available for tournament competitors.

Compete in a new dungeon mode, and try your shot at becoming Top Settler.

Only 16 will qualify.

Powered by @Treasure_DAO, @arbitrum , @ReadyPlayerDAO

Whilst the number of founding characters minted edges closer to 50,000

<div class=”tweet” data-attrs=”{“url”:”https://twitter.com/Cryptonian2020/status/1601040986410733568?s=20&t=Y97SDxTw-3hRIeltfQa9tw”,”full_text”:”40400 Founding Characters mintedn22900 Ownersnn5 more days to go. nn⁦@The_Beacon_GG⁩ ⁦@Treasure_DAO⁩ $MAGIC “,”username”:”Cryptonian2020″,”name”:”Cryptopian(🪄,🧠)”,”date”:”Fri Dec 09 02:28:11 +0000 2022″,”photos”:[{“img_url”:”https://pbs.substack.com/media/FjgKSjPakAAuZ3p.jpg”,”link_url”:”https://t.co/4Wd9AQuxcs”,”alt_text”:null}],”quoted_tweet”:{},”retweet_count”:21,”like_count”:94,”expanded_url”:{},”video_url”:null,”belowTheFold”:true}”>

Twitter avatar for @Cryptonian2020

Cryptopian(🪄,🧠) @Cryptonian2020
40400 Founding Characters minted
22900 Owners

5 more days to go.

@The_Beacon_GG⁩ ⁦@Treasure_DAO⁩ $MAGIC


The battle of the stablecoins continues

NFTPerp showing real product market fit in private beta…

…whilst adding Azuki and Milady perps

<div class=”tweet” data-attrs=”{“url”:”https://twitter.com/nftperp/status/1601186589941858304?s=20&t=ZRfUBwkBG2kIu8vyxlLwiA”,”full_text”:”AZUKI and MILADY perps now officially live on nftperp ♥️🫶@AzukiOfficial @miladymaker nnbeta.nftperp.xyz/trade “,”username”:”nftperp”,”name”:”nftperp.xyz”,”date”:”Fri Dec 09 12:06:46 +0000 2022″,”photos”:[{“img_url”:”https://pbs.substack.com/media/FjiObq4XwAAKWSE.jpg”,”link_url”:”https://t.co/eohjFbE0QV”,”alt_text”:null}],”quoted_tweet”:{},”retweet_count”:3,”like_count”:31,”expanded_url”:{},”video_url”:null,”belowTheFold”:true}”>

Twitter avatar for @nftperp

nftperp.xyz @nftperp

What if?

<div class=”tweet” data-attrs=”{“url”:”https://twitter.com/CryptoKaduna/status/1601139741373607936?s=20&t=TcnIJQ25eTuhsp2lT9UcRg”,”full_text”:”What may or may not happen in the next months:nn1⃣ @SBF_FTX in jailnn2⃣ @GaryGensler getting fired for not protecting investorsnn3⃣ new @SECGov chair approves #BTC spot ETFnn4⃣ next bull cycle starts”,”username”:”CryptoKaduna”,”name”:”Kaduna (💙,🧡) will never DM you”,”date”:”Fri Dec 09 09:00:36 +0000 2022″,”photos”:[],”quoted_tweet”:{},”retweet_count”:3,”like_count”:65,”expanded_url”:{},”video_url”:null,”belowTheFold”:true}”>

Twitter avatar for @CryptoKaduna

Kaduna (💙,🧡) will never DM you @CryptoKaduna
What may or may not happen in the next months:

1⃣ @SBF_FTX in jail

2⃣ @GaryGensler getting fired for not protecting investors

3⃣ new @SECGov chair approves #BTC spot ETF

4⃣ next bull cycle starts

The public beta of chainEDGE goes live

<div class=”tweet” data-attrs=”{“url”:”https://twitter.com/OnChainWizard/status/1601602517833744384?s=20&t=TcnIJQ25eTuhsp2lT9UcRg”,”full_text”:”Introducing chainEDGE:nnI’m stoked to finally announce that our public beta of chainEDGE is live at: chainedge.io. This is just our first dashboard, so once we formally launch in a month or so there will be more functionality included. No email or login required “,”username”:”OnChainWizard”,”name”:”Onchain Wizard”,”date”:”Sat Dec 10 15:39:31 +0000 2022″,”photos”:[{“img_url”:”https://pbs.substack.com/media/FjoI_8-XwAEx7NH.jpg”,”link_url”:”https://t.co/s7o2CU8COz”,”alt_text”:null}],”quoted_tweet”:{},”retweet_count”:53,”like_count”:257,”expanded_url”:{},”video_url”:null,”belowTheFold”:true}”>

Twitter avatar for @OnChainWizard

Onchain Wizard @OnChainWizard
Introducing chainEDGE:

I’m stoked to finally announce that our public beta of chainEDGE is live at: chainedge.io. This is just our first dashboard, so once we formally launch in a month or so there will be more functionality included. No email or login required


And finally, let us not forget

👀 Might be Something

…but then again could be nothing. This is just a collection of projects that might be worth keeping an eye on.

1) Rage Trade

Resources: WebsiteMediumDiscordTwitter

Rage Trade is set to be the “most liquid, composable and omnichain Eth perp platform” thats built over on Arbitrum and backed by the likes of Tetranode, Wartull, Defi Frog and DCF God.

As of December 12th, their delta-neutral GLP vaults go live, and by using a unique mechanism they can neutralise the delta of GMX’s GLP which allows them to create a “risk on” and “risk off” vault.

Risk On Vault has no delta exposure but is instead exposed to the PnL of GMX. So when the GMX traders are winning GLP is negatively impacted and when the degens start losing GLP gets positively impacted. This should generate up to around 20-30% APY.

Risk Off Vault has no exposure to GMX’s PnL so essentially becomes a lending vault with around 8% APY.

The good news is the vaults auto compound into USDC so your position isn’t exposed to delta or a highly volatile asset. Check out The Calculator Guys breakdown video here.

TLDR: Eth perp platform generating real yield and the “best” USDC farm on Arbitrum earning up to 30% APY.

2) Factor DAO

Resources: WebsiteMediumDiscordTwitter

Factor DAO is providing the infrastructure for strategists, builders, and degens to create their own tokenised baskets (de-facto ETFs), vaults, derivatives and tokens.

What’s going to be unique is the gamification of their leagues and leaderboards which ranks baskets and pools by various performance metrics. You can think of this as Draft Kings but for trading.

Set for a 3-stage launch in Q1 2023:

Stake will allow users to “bootstrap FCTR liquidity or stake their FCTR to accumulate Factor’s non-transferable governance and revshare token.”

Discover look at creating the “first set of vaults on mainnet, allowing anyone to deposit into community-voted indices.”

Create is where the fun really begins as we will be able to “create a vault, tailor active/passive investment strategies, and earn management and performance fees on any deposits.”

TLDR: Creating the building blocks for users to create custom vaults whilst gamifiying the process with leagues, leaderboards, and prizes.

<div class=”tweet” data-attrs=”{“url”:”https://twitter.com/FactorDAO/status/1599731356342579201?s=20&t=ZQiItdI4MWM9pzmGYoy5PA”,”full_text”:””wen $FCTR?”nnDevs are shipping, time for an update 🧑‍💻nnOur upcoming launch on #Arbitrum will consist of three phases: nnStake, Discover, and Create.nnReady to dive in? 🧵&gt;&gt; “,”username”:”FactorDAO”,”name”:”Factor”,”date”:”Mon Dec 05 11:44:11 +0000 2022″,”photos”:[{“img_url”:”https://pbs.substack.com/media/FjNV-QvX0AITq9i.jpg”,”link_url”:”https://t.co/JioDrN4ve4″,”alt_text”:null}],”quoted_tweet”:{},”retweet_count”:7,”like_count”:25,”expanded_url”:{},”video_url”:null,”belowTheFold”:true}”>

Twitter avatar for @FactorDAO

Factor @FactorDAO
“wen $FCTR?”

Devs are shipping, time for an update 🧑‍💻

Our upcoming launch on #Arbitrum will consist of three phases:

Stake, Discover, and Create.

Ready to dive in? 🧵>>


3) Mellow Finance

Resources: WebsiteMediumDiscordTwitter

Mellow Finance is creating trustless automatic DeFi strategies through an ecosystem of permissionless vaults. By providing liquidity to a vault a user will get Mellow Vault LP tokens that can be used cross-protocol which will enable cross protocols strategies to be built.

The strategies that are in place on launch will all have different approaches including Boosted UniV3, Fearless Gearbox and the Mellow-Voltz LP Optimizooor. Check this Going Live – Strategies and Launch medium for more details.

Mellow Finance is currently in a 1-month gated access phase of testing that launched on 17th November. This was open to members of Lobster DAO and Degenscore Beacons.

Community initiatives are about to begin and public applications to the official whitelist are open…its a good ole fashion quiz that’ll get you in!

TLDR: Creating an ecosystem for building defi strategies to earn real yield. Choose a strategy, add liquidity and enjoy that juicy APY whilst being able to use LP tokens in other protocols.

👨‍💻 Governance Proposals

Lyra 🚴‍♀️ Velodrome

Leap 40

TLDR: Add 2 liquidity mining programs to Velodrome on Optimism to test the effectiveness of the incentives. The belief is that they can generate more volume and great liquidity per $1 of incentives by using Velo’s bribes and Lyra’s voting power.

<div class=”tweet” data-attrs=”{“url”:”https://twitter.com/VelodromeFi/status/1600603905842417682?s=20&t=DQASbyfR010g6ZH_s1sNUg”,”full_text”:”🏛️ Governance AlertnnNew proposal from @lyrafinance to move 50% of their LP incentives to Velodrome. nnleaps.lyra.finance/leaps/leap-40/ https://t.co/s3HTj8A6KI “,”username”:”VelodromeFi”,”name”:”Velodrome (🚴,🚴)”,”date”:”Wed Dec 07 21:31:23 +0000 2022″,”photos”:[{“img_url”:”https://pbs.substack.com/media/FjZ8MzjXECAy7Rb.jpg”,”link_url”:”https://t.co/IGW5wO3i1O”,”alt_text”:null}],”quoted_tweet”:{},”retweet_count”:10,”like_count”:79,”expanded_url”:{},”video_url”:null,”belowTheFold”:true}”>

Twitter avatar for @VelodromeFi

Velodrome (🚴,🚴) @VelodromeFi

Sweat 💧 Vote to 🔥 Burn

To burn or not to burn

TLDR: To burn or not to burn $1,000,000 worth of sweat tokens purchased on the open market. To vote holders can send tokens to a YES or NO wallet. Voting ends on December 12th and 10% of each wallet goes back to 10 lucky winners at random.

<div class=”tweet” data-attrs=”{“url”:”https://twitter.com/SweatEconomy/status/1601210522070044672?s=20&t=DQASbyfR010g6ZH_s1sNUg”,”full_text”:”🗳️Our first governance vote is live!nnWe’ve used $1M of our profits to buy 61,704,529 $SWEAT on the open market.nnNow, you choose whether we burn it or not.nn👇Read our blog to find out how!👇nmedium.com/sweat-economy/…nn🚨AMA today at 15:00 UTC with @oleg_fem in Discord to discuss. “,”username”:”SweatEconomy”,”name”:”Sweat Еconomy 💧”,”date”:”Fri Dec 09 13:41:52 +0000 2022″,”photos”:[{“img_url”:”https://pbs.substack.com/media/FjiiQ-kWAAEziaq.jpg”,”link_url”:”https://t.co/HEqKAHtAvA”,”alt_text”:null}],”quoted_tweet”:{},”retweet_count”:134,”like_count”:661,”expanded_url”:{},”video_url”:null,”belowTheFold”:true}”>

Twitter avatar for @SweatEconomy

Sweat Еconomy 💧 @SweatEconomy

UniSwap 🦄 Governance Voting Proposal Update

Proposal 19718

TLDR: To reduce the amount of friction in the community governance process by:

1) Removing the first off-chain Snapshot poll, and replacing it with a “Request for Comment” post.

2) Increase quorum for the remaining off-chain Snapshot poll in the second phase to 10M UNI.

🤝 Here’s the Deel

and a quick word from our super awesome sponsors who help us make this all possible

If you are a builder in this space and are hiring a remote-first team take a look at one of our partners, Deel. They allow you to hire, manage, onboard, and pay from anywhere in the world without the hassle. Yes, Deel allows you to pay your team in crypto too…

🦧 Updates from the bloc

The latest thread

The blocmates discord is full of Arbitrum chatter and a lot of new apes have been asking about it. Viktor gives a great overview of the network plus a short sharp, to-the-point write-up on some hot projects to keep on your watch list. Don’t forget RiddlerDeFi’s Tweet from above for even more Arbi alpha

<div class=”tweet” data-attrs=”{“url”:”https://twitter.com/ViktorDefi/status/1600879986755280897?s=20&t=ZQiItdI4MWM9pzmGYoy5PA”,”full_text”:”Arbitrum is arguably the PROMISING chain right now.nnYou either ignore it, or leverage it for $$$.nnA thread on the 360% view of @arbitrum, airdrop opportunities, alphas and some PROMISING GEMS (that could 100x) 💎nnGrab a seat, anon; let’s feast 🧵👇 “,”username”:”ViktorDefi”,”name”:”Viktor DeFi 🛡🦇🔊”,”date”:”Thu Dec 08 15:48:26 +0000 2022″,”photos”:[{“img_url”:”https://pbs.substack.com/media/Fjd33RtUYAAHoUK.jpg”,”link_url”:”https://t.co/KOs5SZgSFP”,”alt_text”:null}],”quoted_tweet”:{},”retweet_count”:353,”like_count”:1163,”expanded_url”:{},”video_url”:null,”belowTheFold”:true}”>

Twitter avatar for @ViktorDefi

Viktor DeFi 🛡🦇🔊 @ViktorDefi
Arbitrum is arguably the PROMISING chain right now.

You either ignore it, or leverage it for $$$.

A thread on the 360% view of @arbitrum, airdrop opportunities, alphas and some PROMISING GEMS (that could 100x) 💎

Grab a seat, anon; let’s feast 🧵👇


The latest podcast

With the recent launch of chainEDGE (Nansen for degens) here is a look back at that time when the Onchain Wizard himself joined Grant to talk about his experience finding alpha wallets, following smart money, and an overview of what chainEDGE is.

Tune in on YouTube or Spotify.

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