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Sep 21, 2023 | Newsletter

🗞 Market commentary.

And a Grand Morning to you,

Right, there’s a lot of drama that’s been happening on crypto Twitter recently so we’re going to dive right in. 

Bitboy begs for shillings and, at the time of writing, has had the crypto community bless his sorrows for over $115,000 in magical internet beans. It really is that easy to make 6 figures in crypto.

Whilst the bad guys continue to do their thing, trading OG and market mercenary Cantering Clark (TheFlowHorse) has continued to donate his weekly Friend Tech earnings to charity to bring a bit of positivity back to the markets.

Can you hear that “Wen airdrop?!” whispers are in the air as the Arbitrum Foundation announced, and long overdue might I add, part 2 of the Arbitrum Oddessy Quest series. Kicking off September 26th, you’ll be able to earn badges as you quest your way through the Arbitrum ecosystem (again), earning points and points (usually) mean prizes. And prizes, hopefully, means wen airdrop pt 2?!

It was a year ago that we saw the first Oddessy quest series spark an ecosystem-wide rally as questers, farmers and those damn sybillers began grinding points for that illustrious ARB airdrop. With the launch of the 50M token incentive scheme, Arbitrum might just hold on to its position as the #1 Layer 2 for a little bit longer

In other news, His Excellency Justin Sun released a video trailer of how he is defending the crypto frontier with “unwavering determination.” The billionaire hero we all need right now in “safeguarding the future of digital assets.”

Justin, we thank you for your service to everything TRON blesses.

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🤓 In today’s email.

  • Degen corner. ICE ICE WAGMI

  • DeFi insights. 11, OMG can’t believe it, insights

  • ICYMI. Research on Immutable “The Infrastructure of Web3 Gaming”

  • Tweet of the day. justinsontron, saving the world in… Ray Bans?!

  • And finally. 9 days until UPtober, are you ready?

🔥 Degen corner.


You can’t SPELL TIME without ICE… or Daniele Sesta or most recently DWF… but that’s another story for another TIME (sorrynotsorry).

Popsicle Finance (ICE) has now transformed into the WAGMI dex. A suite of degenerate defi tools including LP strategies, leverage, limit order and token farming all built on zkSYNC. According to the original medium article, Dani and the team have created a bull and bear market-resistant product as this CLAMM differs from the stand. By taking a fee the dex will build its treasury bullet proofing its future.

Thats WAGMI.

But what about ICE? 

Despite being a questionable token with a questionable past, ICE has been one of the biggest winners of the year. If you bought back in December you would, to date, be up 1700%… not bad.

It’s going to melt away into WAGMI. Holders have 90 days to make the switch, ICE at a 1:69 ratio and nICE 1:82.0795 ratio.

And thus a new era of frognation is created.

Tokenomic napkin maths.

80% of all newly minted WAGMI tokens go to Growth and Development whilst 20% of the newly minted WAGMI goes into an operation multisig for the daily operations and coffee runs.

Inflation isn’t fixed and the objective of the protocol, like many, is to attain greatness (and deflation) as fast as possible.

But are we GMI?

GMI represents hope, diversification and most importantly it’s the Liquidity Token on WAGMI. 

To keep this simple GMI is a pool that contains multiple “multi pools” made up of three V3 pools. Acquire your GMI from any WLP token and start earning.

Emissions have been reserved to cover any potential loss, nulling and voiding permanent and impermanent loss (in theory). Despite Dani’s shady past the protocol has been designed with equality and profit sharing in mind as 100% of all fees generated by protocoled contracts are claimable by GMI token holders. 

Pool caps are in place to ensure YOU as the GMI liquidity provider earn the MAXIMUM amount of shekels.

You can nerd out on the full docs here.

TLDR, it’s another DEX you can farm that’s built on zkSYNC by one of the most questionable public figures in crypto and it’s as simple as that.

👀 DeFi insights.

The important bits.

  • Arcton (IPO marketplace) – lecture on “who’s cashing in on start-ups” – read

  • Astaria (NFT lending) – acquire Metaquants_Ai (NFT aggregator) – read

  • Blur (NFT market) – founder reveals they’ve been “head down working” – read

  • Eclipse (Layer 2) – introduces and announces Eclipse Mainnet architecture – read

  • GammaSwap (DEX) – goes live on Arbitrum – read

  • Hashverse (Gamefi) – team-based, gamified trading competition goes live – read

  • Immutable (Infrastructure) – here’s how immutable optimizes liquidity for game studios – read

  • Infiniex (Derivatives) – are taking on CEXs and giving early access to discord – read

  • Mori Finance (LSDfi) – TGE goes live today – read

  • Protectorate Protocol (NFTfi) – Introducing Zaar, a new way to trade NFTs – read

  • Tenet Protocol (Blockchain) – a deep dive into the Tenet token tokenomics – read

📰 DeFi news.

Even more important bits.

  • Balancer gets DNS attacked as the DAO works to actively address the issue for a full and speedy recovery – read

  • Mt Gox delays repayment deadline by another year to Oct. 31, 2024 – read

  • OP Foundation dumps $162m in tokens and whilst “treasury management” as tokens were sold “privately” and “planned” – read

  • Post.Tech rivals Friend.Tech as daily volume hits $1.8m – read

  • Walmart to enter the metaverse and plans for a virtual fashion experience – read


Life gets busy so here’s what you’ve missed.

GM degen podcast: SBF’s Dad is Out For FTX Blood

Listen & Watch.

Tune in today to find out the language classes Grant, Alex and Mike took at school whilst SBF’s Dad is out to get him!

Tune in on Spotify | YouTube

Immutable — The Infrastructure of Web3 Gaming 

Thought Provoker.

Building games is hard. Like, really hard. On average, developing a AAA-quality game takes anywhere from 3 to 5 years. Immutable is the ecosystem that simplifies the process of building, allowing developers to focus on creating fun and compelling games.

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Introducing Mori: Revolutionising Stable Assets Within DeFi


Mori introduced a unique stable asset framework. This system cleverly splits $ETH’s inherent volatility between a low-volatility stabilised asset and a high-volatility derivative.

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🐥 Tweet of the day.

To save you doom scrolling.

justinsontron, saving the world in… Ray Bans?!

🦍 And finally…

We are just 9 days away from, what analysts are calling “UPtober” where famously the price of token go up up up and away!

It also means we still have 9 days left of REKtember where anything could happen as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tradfi heavy-weight charts look like they are on the brink of extinction.

That being said the FOMC yesterday seemed to be a nothing-burger as the FED looks to keep rates steady for now with one more possible hike later this year. I almost would have preferred the bandaid to be ripped off the markets now so we can enjoy the fruits of UPtober without worry or hesitation.

much love,

blocmates team 🫡

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