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Sep 7, 2023 | Newsletter

🗞 Market commentary.

… according to Metamask, anyway.

GM fellow HODLER, you’re going to need a coffee for this one

On Tuesday the Metamask team posted the most joyous “exit” message I have ever witnessed that goes beyond the standard copy and pasta “Thanks for the memories but I’m out of here!”

The announcement of an in-app “sell” function comes at a time when stablecoins continue to bleed into the real world, recession fears loom, and the future of crypto looks at its most bleak… or at least boring.

If you live in the US, UK or specific parts of Europe you’ll be able to hit the new shiny “thanks for the memories” cash-out button, turning your magical internet beans back into real-life pieces of gold. The team will be expanding to L2s so you don’t get rekt on Ethereum gas fees on the way out and can swap native L2 tokens for fiat.

In other news, gamblefi is under attack as hackers hone their sniper-like skills to find exploits to tear down the little hopium we all had in the markets. Stake.com got baked as hackers exploited over $41M whilst most recently GMBL.COMPUTER saw close to $1M taken.

However, community sleuths and champions @samczsun @cryptogle helped to identify the thief who had, at the time of writing, returned 50% of the funds. 

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🔥 Degen corner.

And you thought your friends dumped on you?

Well, some of them did but we won’t divulge the worst channels to get dumped on… after all this is a family-friendly newsletter.

In just 22 days the Friends Tech narrative has gone from “lol, what’s this?” to “future of socialfi” to “skem” back to “future of socialfi.”

Despite DEX volume reaching the lowest since Dec ‘20, the TVL of Friends Tech has steadily risen as the internal point system gets gamified. 

A gamification system that influencers, community leaders and OnlyFans girls can use to curate content to farm with your frens list. Because let’s be honest, farming with your frens is much more fun under this summer sun.

Stake frens, earn cousins, dump the ex.

What Friend Tech has proven is that Web3 needs to be mobile first because without it the growth of this technological revolution will be heavily limited to degenerate on-chain gambling and cross-border payments (essential but boring). 

That platform that lets you trade perps, snipe micro caps, store your assets, yield farming strategies and of course a virtual gallery to view all of the NFT I bag held to zero, in my opinion, wins. 

Add a social community to that idea and you’ve potentially created a platform that caters for the past, present and future generations of investors, traders and normies.

👀 DeFi insights.

The important bits.

  • Banana Gun – Presale round 1 begins Sept 8th at 5PM UTC – read

  • HXRO Network – Release the first Zero Day Futures product – read

  • HyperLiquid – Release LayerZero pre-launch perps – read

  • Immutable – Tweet “all eyes on Infinit3Victory” an arcade-style basketball game currently going through beta sign-up – read

  • Layer N – A dive into the “financial “N”etwork of hyper-performant zk-OP hybrid roll-ups” – read

  • Lybra Finance – V2 minting begins Sept 7th at 1PM UTC – read

  • Match Finance – A SubDAO of Lybra Finance release white paper – read

  • Mozaic Finance – Is officially part of the Google Cloud Web3 Start-Up Program – read

  • Overtime Markets – Release “Player Props” for the up coming NFL season – read

  • RollBit – Becomes the Official European Betting Partner of SSC Napoli – read

  • Thales – add $200k to POL deposits on Aerodrome with incentives coming soon – read

📰 DeFi news.

Even more important bits.

  • Cathie Woods files for the second Spot ETH ETF which momentarily pumps (and dumped) the markets – read

  • FTX bridge tokens back to their native chains whilst migrating SOL to FTX-qualified custodian BitGo – read

  • South Korean game publisher, Neowiz, join Avalanche Arcad3 to create blockchain games on Avax via its Web3 arm IntellaX – read

  • UniBot telegram hacked following a targeted spearphishing attack as the token continues to sell off – read

  • Vitaliks co-authors paper on a “regulation-friendly tornado cash” centered around the protocol “Privacy Pools” – read


Life gets busy so here’s what you’ve missed.

GM degen podcast: Rollbit goes retail

Listen & Watch.

GM degens, ETFs are fading, the market is STILL boring and Rollbit goes retail. BUT our spidey sense is sensing that something might be coming out of the wash… but what?

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Podcast: DeFi Made Easy with Rainmaker Wallet


Today you’ll learn about how Rainmaker came to be, What makes it so special (including the unique Airdrop Scoring System) and some fun personal quick-fire questions you might not have known about the team.

Tune in on Spotify | YouTube

Zero-Day Futures: What are they?

Twitter thread by jedi blocmates.

Imagine being able to short or long your favourite low-cap sh*tcoins. If this does not appeal to you then wtf are you still doing here? If you are interested keep reading.

Read more →

🐥 Top tweets.

To save you doom scrolling.

0xSisyphus, wrong answers only

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