🔺 Stars Arena Ignites Avalanche Rush 2.0

Oct 6, 2023 | Newsletter

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If you’ve been following along with the Quest for Larp series you’ll be pleased to know that at the bottom of today’s newsletter, you’ll have an opportunity to get a WL spot (if you’re fast enough that is!).

Apart from SBF’s trial, the two hottest talking points this week have been Arbitrums STIPs (Short Term Incentives Program) and Avalanche. Yes, Avalanche… you probably didn’t expect us to cover that now did you?!

The vote for which of the 90+ proposals get a share of the 50M ARB token STIP went live yesterday on Snapshot. Community members, token holders and delegates can vote for their favourite projects.

Over the last 2 weeks, we have started to see daily transactions on Arbitrum rise as traders, degens and hopefuls place bets on which projects might be awarded an allocation to begin, what we’re calling, Arb Farming Szn. On that note, we spent 69 hours creating this Arbitrum incentives spreadsheet which breaks down everything you need to know.

Judging by the AVAX chart, Avalanche Rush 2.0 is in the process of reigniting and is up 25% from the recent lows in September. From what we can see the Avalabs team has been hard at work digging into the trenches of their communities to help them gain further traction. Rush 2.0 might just come true and is gaining momentum at the same pace as Stars Arena, the socialfi phenomena, which we cover in today’s Degen Corner.

Both Arbitrum and Avalanche might have looked down and out but are now in the process of making a World Cup winning comeback in Q4 this year. Maybe, just maybe we will see a white Christmas this year.

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  • Degen corner. Have you entered the Arena of Stars?

  • DeFi insights. 11 need to know updates

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  • Tweet of the day. Jim Cramer nukes my favourite kids memory

  • And finally. We’re deep-diving back into ARB & AVAX

🔥 Degen corner.

Have you entered the Arena of Stars?

Dune | CryptoKoryo

The future of socialfi is happening.

And it’s happening in the most unlikely of places.

Or at least, that’s what crypto Twitter thinks.

Stars Arena is the latest in the socialfi narrative and the brainchild of The Builder. A 1 man marching band with a big vision. To create the best social platform out there by putting the “social” back into “socialfi” instead of farming your frens to dump on your frens like a leading competitor.

Not only has this been picked up by Avalanche OG’s but popular internet personalities have jumped in early… just like the WSBChairman who held the top spot ahead of Emin (Avalabs CEO).

Right now, CryptoKaleo is King of the Arena holding the top spot with his ticket price edging ever closer to 100 AVAX.

And yes, you read that right, it is all happening on Avalanche.

In a time where attention is sparse, markets are bleeding out and chains are slowly dropping off, Stars Arena has brought a new lease of life to the Avalanche ecosystem. 

In just 2 weeks since launch, the app has seen over 750,000 transactions with over $7,000,000 in volume (Dune) and has hit over $2,000,000 in TVL in the last 7 days which puts it ahead of Friend Techs first 7 day TVL… which, on a “dead chain” deep in a bear market, is somewhat impressive.

Let me remind you

The socialfi narrative is a reality check that, for most, blockchain technology is pretty boring, it’s not sexy like PEPE and it certainly isn’t the type of table conversation I would want to be having at my next Great Gatsby fancy dress party.

What is sexy, fun and topical is the gamification of the apps and dapps that build a network effect through gamification. Create a conversation-starting gamification system that naturally builds the community so that they can share that story at parties to keep even the most normy of normies engaged in this wonderful world of crypto we’re in.

Because where the attention goes, the engagement follows and when its sustained adoption happens.

👀 DeFi insights.

The important bits.

  • Armada Finance (Tool suite) – A suite of tools that’ll become the token launchpad of Solana – read

  • Frax Finance (Stablecoin) – V3 has just launched along with their documentsread

  • HashVerse (Gamefi) – Battle Royale goes live with the hints of ingame items being airdropped – read

  • HyperSpace (NFT Marketplace) – Latest product launches next week on AVAX – read

  • Juicy Perp (Gamified NFT-fi) – Incentivised testnet launches this week – read

  • Kodiak Finance (Liquidity Hub) – One of the first native projects to be launching on Berachain – read

  • Mozaic Finance (Ai) – DOIQONOMY V2 launches today in their official discord – read

  • Ociswap (DEX) – An in-depth guide to Ociswap, the front page of Radix – read

  • Pudgy Penguins (NFT) – Launch in the UK in Smyths and next week release Pudgy Cookies – read

  • Synthetix (Synthetic Assets) – Atlantean brings Synethix perps to telegram – read

  • ZooDAO (Gamified NFT-fi) – V1 launching on Arbitrum – read

📰 DeFi news.

Even more important bits.

  • Former BlackRock executive says “SEC likely to approve all spot bitcoin ETFs at once” – read

  • Hemp and Cannabis certificates on Avlanahce by Blockticity – read

  • SBF plays dumb as he isn’t a fraudster but a businessman who made catastrophic mistakes that caused a market meltdown – read

  • Singapore Green Lights Ripple is now fully licensed to provide digital payment token services – read

  • Sim swappers hit Friend Tech users as more and more sim swap exploits leave users ETHless. The latest update will let users log in via email – read


Life gets busy so here’s what you’ve missed.

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🐥 Tweet of the day.

To save you doom scrolling.

JimCramer, by the laws of Inverse Cramer he’s just nuked my childhood

🦍 And finally…

Despite on chain being fairly quiet at the moment, it has been fantastic to see Avalanche get a new lease of life and the rally that the entire community, including the C-suite, has put into it.

They say back good teams and the level of enthusiasm that they have all put into it gives me vibes of “wen airdrop?!” season on Arbitrum where the Arbinauts and former ecosystem leaders were grinding on the daily to progress it forward.

We are currently digging deep into the Arbitrum STIP and Avalanche ecosystems at the moment to see what we can find.

In the meantime, go touch grass this week and if you missed it… here’s the link to the LARP WHITELIST as promised, but you better be quick!

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